Hello! Thank you for being curious about Armed Creative.

Behind the Name:

I technically founded Armed Creative in 2014. However, this work had been organically growing since 2009 when I started taking on small projects for family and friends. The name is a play on my married name, Armbrust (which means crossbow), and the original logo had two crossed arrows (which means friendship). You could say the intention behind the brand name is quite layered. It’s a nod to my husband, it is rooted in deep appreciation and respect for relationships, and it speaks to the experience that lead me to build Armed Creative in the first place.


Armed Creative wouldn’t be what it is today had I always been in the branding industry. My background involves working in land development with a national home builder, land acquisition with a small developer, as well as sales & marketing with a luxury real estate brokerage, luxury magazine, and commercial art & industrial complex.

I was always the artsy kid in school and originally went to college with the intent to major in Graphic Design. It was required that I commit to the major my first year - and since I was paying for college myself.