EXAMPLE STRUGGLE 1 (Solopreneur):

I don’t want to spend my evening hours working on tedious items outside of my focus and expertise. I always think “I can do this myself” - then I get off track and worry that my branding and marketing is all over the place. I have a strong vision and am confident in my work, but my brand message isn’t currently doing my business justice. I just want to remove the noise so I can keep moving my business forward.

EXAMPLE STRUGGLE 2 (Small Business Owner):

We’ve had various employees help with miscellaneous branding throughout the years… or contracted out a graphic designer here, a copywriter there, or just doing it ourselves. Our brand has had so many different hands touch it that it has ultimately become disjointed. We either don’t have the correct files, or we spin our wheels trying to locate or recreate them. Everything feels inefficient and unorganized. We are a lean machine and all our team members wear many hats - but, there is no champion for the branding and marketing side of things.

EXAMPLE STRUGGLE 3 (New Business):

I am excited to take the leap into launching my business and want to feel as confident about my brand as possible. This has been a dream of mine for so long, and I want to start on the right foot.